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Steel rocks! Not only is it fun, it is also a fantastic way to learn about your shooting and to increase your shooting skills. It is great for beginning shooters - the steel is reactive (you can hear it ring when you hit it). There is no real need for reloading on the clock. There is little (if any) movement. It can be shot with a .22 caliber handgun. For the experienced shooter, the challenge to get lower scores never ends. Steel is also "gun friendly". There are never more than five shots required at once. That means most revolvers will have spare rounds. We shoot on most 3rd Saturdays. Come on out and join in the fun!!! We shoot rain or shine.

• Shooter will engage an array of steel targets (various size and distance).

• This array of targets is called a stage.

• There are usually 4 stages in a match.

• The shooter gets 5 chances (runs) at each stage.

• The slowest run on each stage is discarded. The best 4 runs count for score.

• Targets will be between 8 and 40 yards in distance.

• Reloads are not required. There is little, if any, movement required.

• You will usually need 150 rounds of ammo (that is a minimum, bring more).

• Revolvers and semi-autos are welcome, in center-fire calibers from 9mm/ 38 and up to 45.

• We ask that you please download the magnums and supers to help save the wear and tear on the steel. Both lead and jacketed bullets are acceptable.

• Holsters are used for center-fire. No holsters are required for rim-fire.

• This match is produced by volunteers - please help with setup and tear-down when you can.

• Matches are held on the 3rd Saturdays, April through October, and weather permitting, March and November.

• More information about SCSA rules and divisions can be found at

o You may register two guns and shoot both during the match. Please make sure you register and squad each gun in

o We are a sanctioned SCSA Club. This means if you have your USPSA Member number your scores will be used to classify you in your division

o Each Firearm is $10

o Juniors shoot for free. Women shoot for free.

o Setup starts at 8:00. New shooters meeting starts at 9:10. Shooters meeting starts at 9:30

• Due to limited space Registration on is required.  No walk-ons will be allowed once squads are full

Steel Challenge
Bert Doddroe

This event will be held monthly on the 3rd Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00pm from March to November on ranges 2/3/4/5. Always verify dates, times and cancellations on our PCSI website calendar.
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