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Action Pistol
Takumi Suzuki

Shooting every 4th Saturday from 9:30am to 2:00pm on ranges 1, 3 and 4, April through October, except May.  Always verify dates, times and cancellations on our PCSI website calendar.

Action Pistol (also known as Bianchi Cup)

Action Pistol is a handgun shooting sport that combines speed with precision. Unlike many other fast-paced shooting sports, Action Pistol features a fixed course of fire with 19 designated events. Because each event uses a fixed time, your points are your score. Though there are many courses of fire in the sport, the most popular are the Practical, Barricade, Falling Plate, and Moving Target Events. These 4 events make up the most well-known Action Pistol match, The Bianchi Cup. With 48 shots per event and 4 events per match, competitors test their guns, gear, and skills for the goal of shooting the best score out of a possible 1920 points.


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