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Bowling Pins
Scott Hixon

A Match consists of three rails, each having five bowling pins sitting on it, at a distance of 25 feet. The pins are sitting about 18” apart on the rail.

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On signal from the Range Officer the shooter will load and make ready. The starting position is the gun barrel touching

the table.  At the sound of the buzzer the shooter will engage the pins on the first rail until they all have been knocked down. Usually, one hit knocks them off.

This is called a "run". You repeat this action for the remaining two rails. Three runs are a "string" and three strings are a Match.

Equipment needed: 

22 caliber rimfire Handgun, Revolver, or Carbine

Holster or case (soft or hard)

Carbines may use a chamber clear flag instead of case

Approx. 100 rounds of 22 ammo

Safety glasses

Hearing protection


You are scored in three (3) areas:

1. Average of all 9 runs

2.  Single fastest run


All normal club rules established by PCSI will apply with the exception of we will run a “COLD BAY” meaning no one can handle a firearm inside of the bay until they are at the start table and receive the load command from the Range Officer.

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